Top 7 Countries to Visit in Europe and Why

I’ve done my fair share of writing about Wales and the UK in general, so perhaps we need to give the others a chance. Let’s take a step back and gaze upon some of the finest countries in Europe for visitors and tourists.


The history of the country itself, the magnificent monuments and pieces of art, the excellent cuisine, and the potential trip to the Vatican – what more could a person ask for? You will find that different provinces in Italy have different mentalities, but what I really enjoyed was the chance to experience the pasta and the wine the country is famous for.


You know a country has a few stories to tell if it is in possession of several UNESCO sites. However, you should also consider visiting it for the climate, the elegant language, the beautiful beaches, like the Mallorca, and taking a break in the afternoon with a siesta (though, to be fair, the practice has become somewhat done in the last couple of years).

The Czech Republic

There are loads of things to see, especially in terms of European architecture. I would recommend visiting Prague and Karlovy Vary. The buildings are amazing, the stories are something beyond this world, and you can even hear the beautiful rendition of Ave Maria in the cathedral in the capital city. Also, you know, a bunch of pretty people can be found there.

The Netherlands

The land of the tulips, windmills, and a bunch of things legal there and not in many other places. The Netherlands is certainly not lacking in visitors every year, and I believe you should put visiting Amsterdam on your bucket list. You will learn all sorts of anecdotes and stories, like the tulip mania, considered to be the first recorded economic bubble.


There are countries that are productive and those that like to party, but no one takes it easy as Greece. The cradle of European civilization has a number of gorgeous islands, monasteries, monuments, and sites that are over 2,000 years old. It is a perfect getaway from everyday life, with a chance to learn a bit if you choose to do so. The country welcomes tourists as well as travelers. Do try to visit the Meteora, the view is something worth talking about.


The country is known for its excellent cheese, wine and pastries, home to the most romantic cities in the world, and famous among the cycling enthusiasts. There are many people that pop on over here after getting their GED. There is something that screams La Vie Bohème about the entire country. The museums and the catacombs are perfect for scholars.


Beautiful, punctual, and efficient. There is something particularly special about visiting Germany – most of them speak English to a certain level and are more than happy to help you on your way. The beer and the sausages are enough to want to stay there forever.