Why You Should Visit Eastern Europe

When we consider visiting Europe, we often take into account buildings, museums, galleries, and sites we generally see in films. That’s why popular destinations are France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Greece. What about Easter Europe, though? These countries also have a lot to offer and here are a few reasons they should appear on your travel itinerary.


Castles in Eastern Europe are on another level. If you look at castles in Wales and Scotland, for example, you will find sturdy structures that do the job in terms of defending their people, but are about as picturesque as the weather – not that much. Castles here all have unique stories, but are also gorgeous, like fairy-princess-type of gorgeous.


I didn’t want to start off with this one, but it needs to be mentioned and discussed. The cost of living in Eastern Europe is significantly lower than it is here, depending on the location.

Of course, I’m not talking about visiting Russia in this context, but Ukraine and Moldova have a few places where you can save a pretty penny while having an amazing experience.

The food, the accommodations, the drinks – they are all very affordable. In fact, you might find yourself with a bit of extra holiday money at the end of our trip.


Some countries rarely change their architectural style. It usually happens only during major changes in politics and the art of a certain time period. Now, imagine a combination of the classical castle in the same time period as the buildings known for their brutalism stemming from the Soviet era. Architects, historians, and artists are going to have a wonderful time exploring different architectural styles and the reason behind the designs of the buildings.


Transportation here is pretty simple and efficient. You will find helpful individuals almost anywhere and the trains, buses, and cars run smoothly. The networks usually connect the major cities together, so you will likely not have to change trains of buses on your trip.


Eastern Europe has miles upon miles upon miles of stunning scenery in the form of hills, mountains, forests, and meadows. You can challenge yourself and the others, or take a relaxing stroll knowing your entire day is dedicated to it. There are too many trails, mountains, and footpaths to mention, but trust me when I say that it is an amazing experience.


Usually, when I list reasons for visiting a certain place, I make sure to mention the food. Why is that? Well, the type of food a certain country enjoys can tell you a lot about how they see life. Furthermore, it opens us up to new experiences and we should be ready to explore the culinary delights of other countries. Each country in Eastern Europe has its own flavours, though I found that many are on the savory and spicy side.