The Beauty of Caernarfon Town F.C.

The Canaries have been around for nearly 100 years and have proven to be a significant part of football history. While not, technically, the first football club in Caernafon, with the honour going to Caernarvon Athletic, the club’s history and its influence on the football culture cannot be denied. I believe the club demands proper recognition, despite the fact that it may not be as successful on the pitch as some other teams.


The inception of the club began in 1937 with a group of fans and athletes coming together to form Caernarfon Town F.C. The team entered the Welsh League, Division One. They have won three championships in the league and have stayed close to its top. In the early and mid-80s, the climbed to the Northern Premier League. It has since proven to be one of the most important teams in Wales, though that might just be my local patriotism.

The 00s and 10s

2008 and 2009 have not been kind to the club. The achievements on the pitch dwindled and so did the clubs finances, which led to chairman George Denham resigning. However, with the restructuring of the management, the team started to bounce back in 2013, when they defeated Kilvey Fords FC 6-0 in the FAW Trophy Final. The team has had a tough road ahead of them, but they remained vigilant and optimistic. The 2019-20 season of the Welsh Premier League has not allowed them to join the Champions League, but they still have a chance to play in the Europa League, provided they prove themselves in the playoffs. If we give them enough time, I am sure the team is going to dazzle us and rise to the top of the boards.

Sports in Wales – Why Is It Important?

Sports is a huge part of the culture in Wales, as in the rest of the UK. Football often clashes with rugby regarding the top spot. This is because rugby has more fans, but football is the main sport for youngsters. This is why many football clubs have children’s leagues and academies, Caernarfon Town F.C. included. It is a chance to promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as preserve the historic heritage of the competitive and unconquerable spirit.

It is more than just mere ‘us versus them’. It is a sport your entire family partakes in and the one the whole town watches. It shows us that no matter how muddy or rainy the day, we will get up and give the other team something to write home about. And let me tell you, there are few teams that possess the same spirit as the Canaries.