Luxurious Travel Destinations in Europe

Some like backpacking, while others want to have the full travelling experience. There are even those that believe travelling isn’t travelling without luxury. This piece is dedicated to them. I will tell you about the places I think are the most interesting luxurious locations in Europe.

Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo is one of the most romanticized places in the world for its image of luxury and enjoyment. One of its most famous locations is the Monte Carlo Casino, a giant complex dedicated to gambling and entertainment, much like Fun88 รหัสคูปอง is dedicated to this kind of fun online. If you are worried about too many locals on the premises, don’t be. Gambling is off-limits to them.

If gambling is not your cup of tea, you can also enjoy a visit to Circuit de Monaco and watch Formula One Monaco Grand Prix, provided you visit in May. There are also boxing and tennis tournaments and the place is regularly visited by different members of royalty and movie stars.


Greece is a beautiful country with a wonderful climate and food to die for. It is also considered to be the cradle of European civilization. That being said, some find it difficult to imagine the country having any luxurious locations. Santorini features a number of blue and white buildings from which you can enjoy a magnificent view. Oia has some of the most luxurious hotels and apartments and most of them have hot tubs. You can go diving or enjoy the exquisite local cuisine in fine restaurants. Santorini is definitely an island you would want to visit at least once.


Each of the bridges in Budapest has an intriguing, and sometimes a bit macabre, history. The architecture is stunning and it alone is enough of a reason to visit the city. However, for those that enjoy finer things in life, I would recommend the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Hotel, where you can enjoy a Nespresso in your room before you soak in a tub after an invigorating training session with your personal trainer.


You would not think that Scotts are good at providing accommodations for luxury seekers, but you would be wrong. The country houses a number of 5-star luxury hotels perfect for romantic getaways, weddings, and holidays. You can even choose whether you would like to remain in the city or stay at a hotel in the countryside to get away from it all.

Karlovy Vary

There is a spa town in the Czech Republic renowned for its spas and treatments with a flare. The town is too much of a financial challenge for the average traveller, which is why it is the preferred getaway location for many celebrities and film stars. Suffice it to say that, in the past, the spa town has been frequented by the likes of Goethe and Beethoven. You can enjoy the Municipal Theatre and the Castle Tower from the 14th century.


The most romantic city in Europe and possibly the world has a number of monuments, theatres, and restaurants for those with a fine pallet. There are over 80 five-star hotels and too many attractions to list here. Make sure you visit the Notre Dame Cathedral and the Champs-Élysées with its Arc de Triomphe. You will not regret it.