6 Historic Pubs in North Wales

Let me ask you something: what is better than having a pint with the lads? Having a pint with the lads at a place that’s older than your granddad. North Wales has pubs with interesting anecdotes, legends, and even spooky secrets. Where can you find these pubs and do they really have that much history around them? Luckily, to get to these answers we can simply just do one thing: Google the question we need answered – be it about what is the closest bread outlet (yeah, these exist), reviews about Casa Pariurilor Cazino, or even the one we are answering for everyone today, what are some really historic pubs – and we’ll get the answer in no time. And if you’re still here, you may want to read on about the best pubs – hey, maybe we’ll bump into one another in one of these!

The Albion Ale House

Nestled in Conwy and built in 1921 lies one of the best historic pubs in the UK. The interior has remained largely unchanged since its creation, meaning that pretty soon it is going to feel the roaring twenties for the second time. It has received several awards and recognitions and you should not expect the usual pub entertainment, like the telly or fruit machines. There isn’t even any music. No, in this grade II pub, you are expected to talk to each other.

The Blue Anchor

If you think the 1920s were old, wait until you see the Blue Anchor. It has been around since 1380 and, during its years, it was the place to be in Aberthaw, especially if you had any deals to make regarding trade.

There are many stories here about smuggling goods, particularly alcohol, and several legends, like the one that states there is a tunnel connecting the Blue Anchor to the Aberthaw Bay.

The pub has also been used for various films.

The Three Tuns

This pub comes from the 16th century and is believed to be the oldest house in the town. Like a few other historic buildings and pubs, it had a few mishaps, including a fire, but it was restored to its former glory. One of the selling points of the pub that puts Hay on the map is that it has a huge central Inglenook chimney.

The White Lion Inn

Some believe that the pub is around 1,200 years old. It has a beer garden and features a relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere. One thing to try out if you are ever near the pub is to go to St Elian’s well. It is famous for cursing. No, it doesn’t mean that you can swear all you want, it has more to do with cursing your enemies.

The Prince of Wales

You may not believe this, but when this building came to be, it was originally meant to serve as the Town Hall of Kenfig. That was not its only purpose – it was also a school for more than a hundred years, and a mortuary.

The Golden Cross

You may be scared that you’ll be bored when you visit these historic pubs, as there is very little in terms of modern entertainment they offer. This is not the case with the Golden Cross, an inn that perfectly brings together the old world and the new. There is even the Stable Bar, perfect for all kinds of functions and parties. The inn welcomes weary travelers and offers them comfortable beds and delicious food.