6 Attractions in London You Absolutely Must See

It is nearly unthinkable to visit the UK without popping over to London and seeing a few sites. However, it is very difficult to choose – so many sites and so little time, even though I know many people have their favourites (just like people’s favourite online promotion is bwin bónus de boas-vindas). It doesn’t help that some of the finest attractions are sought after by tourists from all over the world and the queues and the wait times are usually horrendous. Here are six attractions you absolutely must see the next time you visit London.

Buckingham Palace

One of the places you can visit is the home of the Queen. The only areas off-limits are those that are her private quarters. I have to warn you not to try and provoke the guards, as this played-out tradition has had negative repercussions on the image of the guards and the palace. Besides, they are now allowed to move. There are paintings by Reuben and Rembrandt and you can even enjoy an audio guide as your fateful companion as you explore one of the most important buildings in the UK. As there are very few public restrooms available, you may want to go before you go – some tours can last upwards of two hours.

Tower Bridge

Arguably the most famous bridge in the world, Tower Bridge has been open since 1894. You can go inside the bridge and examine the interior while learning a lot about its history. The bridge is raised around 850 times a year. If you really want to have a bit of an adventure, you can walk across its glass floor high above the Thames and soak in the beauty of the city.

Tower of London

Some people visit the Tower of London for its ghost stories, while others just want to enjoy a bit of its 900-year-old history and to see the Crown Jewels. Regardless of what your reason might be, it is definitely one of the venues that are a must-see. Among other things, you can look at the execution chamber and learn the ways the Crown has dealt with criminals and traitors over the centuries. For the little ones, there is a zoo, so you can go alone, with a partner, or bring your entire family with you.

Sherlock Holmes Museum

As you probably already know, there isn’t really 221b Baker Street. Or, rather, there wasn’t until they made this house specifically for the fans of the books and movies. The house is open all-year-round, apart for Christmas, and it is a fateful depiction of the fictional detective’s living quarters. Fans are welcome to try on the famous hat and pipe to pose with for photos.

Houses of Parliament

Do you want to check out the building that holds the most important socio-political decisions and its makers? Then, the Palace of Westminster is the place to be. At the side of the building, you will find the most famous and easily recognizable clock tower in the world – Big Ben. You can simply take a tour, or attend debates and events in Parliament.

London Eye

One way to see the entire city of London is to ride the London Eye. This is not your ordinary Ferris wheel for those that wish to kill 30 minutes. It is an attraction that allows you to fully take in the beauty of the city from above. You can even rent out a private capsule for parties and special events (like a proposal, perhaps).